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Brodie wins Calder

Awarded to the rookie who leads the league in points at the end of the season.

T J Brodie came in like a wrecking ball and dominated the blueline corps pretty much from the start of the season, scoring a goal in his first game on his only shot. After 5 games he already had racked up 4 points, and it would not end there.

Being a rookie defenseman he knew he had alot to prove and he certainly didn't disappoint. Claming both the CALDER and the JAMES NORRIS trophies the same year is no easy feat. Brodie showed the league that it could be done.

All rookies from season 9 will continue to fight for the Calder trophy during season 10, except for T J Brodie who will go sophomore automatically on winning.

15 GP, 3+10=13, + 4, 46 hits, 13 shots, 23.1 %

Winner: T J BRODIE, Calgary Flames

Runner up: CARA DELEVINGNE, Regina Vampires

October 10, 2021
By Staff Writer - Staff Writer