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Tippett sacked
The Phoenix Coyotes management decided to releave coach Dave Tippett of his duties on the 4th of October 2017.

The Coyotes began very strong this season with a 9-3-2 record including a OT loss to the Dallas Stars in round 1.
With 21 points in the first 15 games and an almost perfect February month things looked very bright for the well playing Coyotes.
But something happened in April that left the team stunned with no apparent solution to the problem.
Since then, the Coyotes have gone 2-11-2 including a OT loss to the Canadiens in round 29 in June.
That is 7 points over 15 games.

So what happened?
Many are speculating that the trade that sent defenseman Keith Yandle and forward Marian Hossa to the New York Rangers to be able to make space for youngsters Max Domi and Anthony Duclair was a huge price to pay for litterally nothing.

Yandle have had 11 points in 23 games for his Rangers and Hossa had 4 points in 8 games for the Rangers before he demanded a trade and ended up in Washington, where he has scored 11 points in 14 games.

So did the move hurt the Coyotes?
Max Domi has since scored 4+3:7 in 22 games on 57 shots for a 7.0 %. And Duclair has scored 1+2:3 on 21 shots for a terrible 4.8 %.

Apart from the lack of scoring in important moments the goaltending has been average at best. Gone are the days where they surrendered 10 goals on 10 games and the heroics from goaltenders Smith, LaBarbera and Domingue were feared around the league in February and March.

With a situation like that someone has got to take the blame, and with the last 4-5 loss to the Regina Vampires the patience of the management had reached its peak.
Tippett had to go.

Tippett will be replaced by assistant coach Keith Acton.

October 05, 2017
By - Staff Writer

Posted by Ph. Oenix2017-10-23 at 09:05

Good start for Coach Acton. A big win in his first games as Head Coach.